Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why did I bother comming to work today?

Well, I have been here at work for the past 3 hours now. The boss is gone this week so you know what that as little as possible. I have spent the last 3 hours checking out other blogs on this site, since I am new and wanted to get a grasp on what the bloggers of the world were up to. CONCLUSION: There is some crazy shit out there, most of it was your average hey look at all the cute pictures of my family stuff. A lot was stuff I couldn't even read due to the fact I only speak one language. And the other.....hhhhmmmm wow no words. But I guess there's something out there for everyone.

So I started the fourth book in the undead series, so far so good. Its a great read for when I'm sitting in my car, on break, chain smoking, so I can get through the rest of my day hopefully without having to hear the girls that work for me, which I am now referring to as my minions complain about each other....I swear one day I'm gonna have to break up a cat fight between those two. It's like I come to work to get away from my kids, and have to babysit here too. They are grown women for gods sake get a fucking grip, do your job and shut up. If I have to hear minion 1 complain about how she doesn't feel good for the 10th time this week I'm going to drive myself over a cliff.

OK, so now that that's out of my system. My sons baseball game is tonight.....aaaahhhh an evening watching a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds picking dandelions, doing summer salts, and beating the shit out of home plate with the bat when their up......seriously comical. Last week my son forgot to stop at 3rd base and ran to home plate which of course we were sitting right there. We yelled at him to go back then he realized what he had done quickly says "I just wanted to say I love ya" and ran back to 3rd. Quick thinking on his part....he gets that from me! :)

So prior to my sons game tonight my Daughter also has pictures for her upcoming dance recital....tonight, same time as my sons game, I'm telling you if you have more than 1 kid dont put them in a variety of things, there is always a schedule conflict. So my Grandma has graciously volunteered to take her thank god, but her hair still needs to be done. OK I get off at 4:30 pick both the kids up at 2 different places, make it home by 10 to 5, I must curl her hair in the 5 minutes that I have before shes picked takes at least 10 minutes for the stupid curling iron to heat up. Oh great now her hair is going to look like crap. The dance studio moved the time up by half an hour due to a parents conflict. OK REALLY? What about the rest of us parents? Why don't you change your schedule so it doesn't fuck up the rest of us.....JERK! I hate people. So in addition to tonight's pictures, Friday is dress rehearsal....yay, fine way to screw up my Friday night thanks bitches. Which I have to go to because they will not let you take pictures on Saturday night the actual day of the recital....nnnooooo you can only do it Friday night. So having to sit through this twice is going to be a joy and the fact that I actually had to pay for the show on Saturday along with previewing it on Friday.....lets just say I'm sure once will be enough. I am proud of my daughter and love her very much but that girl CAN NOT dance, no rhythm, no grace, it's like watching a train wreck. But it keeps her busy and she likes it and I will keep lying to her face telling her how good she is cause that's what moms do.

Oh and on top of it all, I have to fit dinner in there somewhere??? And hopefully the evil step monster will be staying at his moms tonight. Thats a whole nother story for another time, lets just say this, 16 year old with pants that hang around his ass has been the thorn in my side for many years.

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