Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another WTF?

Question:  How many police cars does it take to pull over a little old lady wearing a flowered hat?

Answer:  Appearently it's three!

I was on my way home for lunch today and spotted the back of a patrol car at the end of my street.  I know I don't live in the best neighborhood, there is a laundromat and self storage at the end of my street.  Hey it's all I could afford.  So Just as I was about to turn the corner I thought to myself hhhhmmmmm whats going on?  Drug Bust?  Drunk Driver?  Fight at the laundromat?  Nope, one little old lady in a wicker flowered hat surrounded by 5 police men.  I looked....OK, starred and thought what could this lady have done to need this many cops?  I saw no ran over children near by, no ambulance?  As I made my way down the street to my house. I said to myself aaaahhhh my hard earned tax dollars at work interrogating the little old lady in the flowered hat....GEEE I feel so much safer now that that cow is off the road.  Give me a break!

Well My Husband has decided not to go to work AGAIN today because his back still hurts.  Instead he decides to go the grocery store.....while losing 2 days worth of pay because he is hurt.  He spent $105.00 on beer, a birthday card for his dad, hamburger buns and sunscreen.  Yes this is why we DO NOT let our men go shopping, but he managed to get a $6.00 rebate on the thirty pack of beer he purchased WOOOO  HOOOOO.  On the upside I did have lunch made for me when I got home, aside from that he is REALLY fucking up my lunchtime routine.  First make a sandwich, second turn on the soap opera, third head to the computer and play my facebook games while eating a sandwich and watching TV all at the same time.  I have it down to a science.  So got my the TV on AMC....check.....facebook.....check.......husband sitting down next to me blocking the TV whining about me on the computer to much.....check......then has the gall to ask for a lunchtime quickie????  HAHA....I DON'T THINK SO pal!  Move your ass over your blocking my view.  If he can have sex then he can go to work! Until then NADA!

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  1. Too funny! The Little old Lady was probably doped up on meds!! and ya! Give your hubby a Valium and get his ass off to work!! :P