Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First post ever!!!

OK, so I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning. This is not typical of me. All seems right in the world today considering I didn't have to yell at the kids 500 times to get dressed, which is the norm in my house. Everyone ate breakfast...still no fighting, car ride to school unusually quiet....WTF? Has hell frozen over? OK I'm just taking it for what it is, a good day few and far between. Lets just hope the rest of the day goes as well.

So last night I put the kids in the shower, aaaahhh 10 whole minutes of no mom change the channel, mom i need a drink, mom can I have dessert, mom come wipe my butt. Shear bliss, when my daughter comes running out in her towel barley hanging on and says I lost my tooth. OK good....thank god I have two bucks in my wallet for the tooth fairy tonight. I say well go put it in your room so it doesn't get lost. On her way down the hall, she runs into my son who is 6, she is 9 by the way, anyways, she tells my son look I lost my tooth, he's like "oh, the tooth fairy is gonna come tonight" then proceeds to come into the living room and explain to my Husband and myself that her just saw his sister nuts! After a brief 5 minutes of laughing I tried to explain to him that girls dont have nuts. They have girl parts, and boys have nuts. He's like nnnnoooo then how does she pee.....REALLY? I am REALLY having to explain this, my Husband barley able to control himself is not being any help and basiclly just egging him on by laughing. I finally said forget it and agreed with him just to get him to drop it. Gotta love the shit that comes out of the mouth of kids.

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