Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incomming..... Stressful Weekend.

Well, although it was windy as crap last night, the baseball game went pretty well. The kids really didn't seem into it last night, I don't know if it was to cold from the wind or if they were just done.....who knows. I did however have a lovely conversation with our team mom.....AKA crackhead, yes it's joke. Seeing her running around like a chicken with her head cut off is hilarious. And just to get the pictures and pass them out to the team was entertaining and the cards she got of her son had his birthday year as 2013 hahahaha (yeah like that was really the photographers fault, we all know that your to skittish, and probably fucked up the form). I especially loved it last Saturday when she showed up in booty shorts, ass hanging out every time she bent over.....priceless. I must admit it was hot out, but man nobody wants to see your skinny drugged out ass hanging out of your shorts, thank god your kid is only 6 and isn't embarrassed by his mom YET. So aside from the conversation and watching her chase after her I'm guessing 1-2 year old girl who I mainly was waiting for her to fall out of the stroller because; A. mom wasn't watching (shocking) and; B. she was standing up in it, the wind was blowing and once again mom wasn't watching, and; C. running off cause mom wasn't watching because she had to take a smoke break. P.S. Dad was there and SHOCKINGLY NOT WATCHING. I love being on the white trash team it's great!

I did manage to get my Daughters hair kind of is so straight it wont do a damn thing....her explanation for that was it's because of, and I quote, "my natural curl" WHAT???? REALLY????? I'm serious she really gets that from her idiot dad...God what was I thinking???? I'll tell you what I was thinking, and it wasn't with my head! Good thing I finally, (yes mom I know I told you so) came to my senses. Lesson learned....well not really cause my Husband now has his own issues.

So off to dress rehearsal tomorrow night......yay.....cant wait....I hope you got the hint of sarcasm. Then more baseball Saturday morning, and the regular show that night. Oh and in between all that I have to clean my trailer for camping (fingers crossed on the weather) next weekend. When my Husband took it to Vegas a couple months ago with 6 guys eeewww imagine the toilet, he was instructed that he needed to clean it. PPPPFFFTTT! Yeah, did I really think that was going to happen? I would have a better chance of shitting purple twinkies than him cleaning the trailer. Oh well a wife's job is never done.

Minion 1 came in this morning already bitching......haven't seen minion 2 yet but I suspect she will be in one of her usual menopausal mood swings. For a while there we were actually taking bets (me and minion 1) on what her mood was based on the look on her face when she got out of the car. It was either stay in the office or scatter like rats. Come on she just got back from vacation she should be in a good mood, not this one, the vacation only seems to make her in more of a bad mood. Note to self: Deny any vacation requests from minion 2.....scratch that, she will now be known as menopausal minion. I'm still trying to come up with a clever name for minion 1. So Minion 1 was complaining that she had to stay over a 1/2 hour last night to help menopausal minion copy a bunch of stuff for certified letters. Stop complaining it's extra money and god knows you need it due to the fact that your loser boyfriend AKA fiance' (it's been like 10 years get married or leave him already) hasnt had a job in like a year and you still live with your parents. Stock it up for when you call in sick and your paycheck gets docked because; A. you have used all your sick time, Vacation and family time, and; B. Nobody could possibly be that sick in one year unless they are dying. Good thing you work here cause anywhere else would have fired you ass. And; C. I am sick of hearing that your paycheck got docked and you cant do your job cause you have no money and unemployed leach hasnt got his unemployment check yet. Which is not saying a lot about the company I work for, but I really do like most of the people, and some can SUCK IT!

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