Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snow in may

Snow in May sucks. It killed my vegetables, oh well i guess I will go to Lowes and just buy some plants. To late to start them from seed again.

The baseball game ended early. Thank god it was freezing and that was an understatement. Crackhead didn't show up so I had to help in the dugout. I really just wanted to sit in my chair under my blanket and watch, but I did my good deed for the week and helped. I don't know any of these kids names except the ones I don't like, so it was HEY YOU, put on your helmet and get a bat. Then stupid me walked right in front of a kid swinging his bat and took one to the ribs. OOOWWWW, thank god the little bastards don't swing that hard, or he could have done some serious damage.

The hair nightmare has ended. The only way to get her hair to curl is A LOT of hairspray and hot rollers. It did come out really cute with minimal bitchage. Her show was nice. She did way better than rehearsal. I cant say that for all of them though......some of the girls were lets just say kudos for them for getting up there and trying. Then the one poor drama, (oh you could just tell he took drama) geeks was singing a song, the CD kept skipping half way through it, it was sad but funny he started over like 4 time finally just gave up. All and all it was cute, but thank god these kids don't try to do any kind of competition.

Getting the trailer ready for camping yesterday, but still don't know if we are going. I'm sure it will come down to the last minute as usual. At this rate I really don't care about the weather I just want to get out of town and sit my ass in a chair for the next 4 days doing NOTHING.

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