Monday, May 24, 2010


If it snows one more time I'm MOVING! I was suppose to be on vacation this week, but due to the schizophrenic weather around here, it's not happening. Yes working all week is what I was looking most forward too. The boss is back, cant be f-ing around all week like last week. Bipolar minion started first thing this morning about how she was here till 5:35 last Friday.....aaaauuuuuhhhh, wwwwhhhhaaaa, I left early bitch haha. Sucks to be you!

I am off on Friday so I can attend yet another riveting event of my daughters. A presentation on Annie Oakley. I was hoping I would be camping and unfortunately have to miss the show.....DAMN WEATHER, Fucked Again! I wrote the whole damn thing for her, OK sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself and move on. Shes in the 3rd grade, I really don't think she needs to be writing AND memorizing 5 paragraphs about some dead bitch whose name will never again pass through the lips of that kid. NOBODY CARES! Why don't you teachers get your heads out of your ass, it's the end of the year 2 more weeks of school. If they honestly believe that the kids are writing this shit, they are crazy. Take for instance the project on Italy she had to do, Who ended up writing and looking up all the facts, drawing the map (the only thing she did was color it) and having to make spaghetti for her class. ALL ME! And the Science fair....don't even get me started on that. The Project...all me, she did get a good grade though. Cant we go back to the days when elementary school was about learning to read, and write add, and subtract, crafts on Fridays and Movie days. Like when I was a kid. No apparently elementary school is the new high school, So I can assume Jr. High is the new college and High School is the new graduate school. WTF?

So a little note on last weekends dance show I forgot to mention. One quick question! When did little girls stop learning how to do cartwheels? I swear all ages ranging from 6-17ish could not do a cartwheel??? WTF? Thats all I did as a kid....cartwheels everywhere, up until I was like 18. I'm sure I could probably pull one off now but the thought of me pulling some muscule I didnt no existed keeps me from trying. I blame the damn school much leaning and not enough cartwheels! Fuck I should run for something huh. That will be my motto! ;)

So another dreadful baseball game tonight (sigh). I'm ready to go freeze my ass off for the umpteenth time this week. And on top of it all my lovely daughter still seems to be in full PMS mode, and is already complaining about having to go. YAY me I love my life!

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