Friday, May 28, 2010

To Meat or not to Meat that is the question

I am off to a girls night out tonight with my friend.  I asked her where do you want to go, she's like I don't care.  I want MEAT.  OK so here is the story.  My Husband is a diabetic and decided to stop eating red meat.  Which means so did the whole house.  I, however eat it when I am alone....yes he doesn't know, I hide my hamburger obsession, and eat it in secret like a bulimic binging in the closet.  There is only so much chicken I can stand before it puts me in a mood.  So my vote is MEAT oh sweet lovely MEAT.

I realized 2 things this morning while i have been lounging around in my jammies.  1.  I REALLY need to dye my hair.  The grays are showing like mad.  I hate getting older, having to buy hair dye, eye cream, and really hair growing where it shouldn't be....come on  WTF? Like I don't have enough problems now I gotta start waxing too!  2.  Give and old lady a AAA book with no Internet access trying to plan a vacation equals me having to look up a thousand hotels for my Grandma....on my day off.....and apparently my computer screen is not big enough for her to read because she was practically in my lap, nosed pressed to the screen trying to read the google map.  So after an hour of looking up the prices for every hotel, motel in the greater downtown Sacramento area, she decided she had enough for a price comparison and took off.

My daughters Annie Oakley presentation is today around 12:30.......yay.......cant wait to sit through 2 hours of the entire 3rd grade presenting their speeches.  What fun!  I am sure I will have a report about that little HELL later tonight, so stay tuned folks.

Now it's off to watch my trashy reality shows that I have been recording over the last 2 weeks, before the 3rd grade nightmare begins.

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