Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ready to Freeze my ASS OFF!

My sons game is this morning and it's like 35 degrees out. It's May for gods sake it should be at least 65 out. Hell I would settle for 55.

My idiot brother decided to have a garage sale today???? Today....really, hey good luck with that buddy.

I didn't cover all the stuff I just planted in my garden last night....that was a bad idea, most of it's wilting. I really hope it comes back, but seeing as how it did snow, yes I said SNOW last night I think I'm pretty much screwed. Once again it is MAY.

The hair nightmare begins at 3:00 today. Lets see if I can get my Daughters hair to hold a curl for her show. I am going in with a game plan. Lots of hairspray, gel, and whatever else I can find to put in it. I am trying hot rollers this time. Lets see how much she bitches about this?

OK well off to the shower to get ready for the baseball freeze! Global warming where art thou.

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