Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Everything has been crazy last night and this morning.  And yesterday afternoon as a matter of fact.

First lets start off with the minion report.  I have been gone and surprised to come back to find that they didn't kill each other.  Everything seemed good, no bitching, then the big shit bomb dropped yesterday afternoon.  Bipolar minion has a problem with going to the same place more then once.  She makes menopausal minion do the shit she doesn't want to do.  Menopausal minion finally got tired of it and told her NO.  Then came running to me pitching a fit.  Bipolar minion had to go to the court house 3 times yesterday (OH NO)  hence this pissed her off, and she decides to call in sick this morning.  I told menopausal minion that I would have a meeting with them this morning because they needed to have it out, and that I was going to write up and actual schedule for both of them so that there is no confusion on who does what at what time and when.  I have had it with both of them.  Now her calling in sick pisses me off.  UGH more children to deal with, Ive had it.

Last night I got the kids and dropped them off at home, told the girl to do her homework and went to the gym.  I get back to no homework done and a lot of complaining.  After 2 1/2 hours of yelling and ready to blow my head off, she finally finished the 2 sheets of math she had, then it was on to the fucking crossword puzzle.  And of course it was all due today!  The hubby and myself spent half an hour googling the answers.  Ridiculous for a 4th grader that we couldn't even do her homework.  At 8:30 she got in the shower and told me she conveniently forgot her book she was suppose to read (of course she did)  Then she went to bed.  All to run my ass around AGAIN this morning. 

Today is picture day.  So her hair had to be done.  I was a little slow going this morning, but she did manage to get ready fairly early.  As I was almost finished curling her hair she reminds me she has choir.  FUCK, she had to be at school in 5 minutes.  The boy wasn't done eating so the hubby was home today I said I would be right back.  Ran her to school, came back grabbed the boy and went back to school, all the while cramming a piece of half toasted bread down my throat while driving.

I need a break soon!  AGAIN!

Oh yeah and we had some crazy thunderstorms last night.  The thunder woke me up at 1 it was so loud.  It was really cool though, havent had one like that in forever!


  1. I ♥ lightning/thunder storms. Wow that sounds just like my days! All the homework, have to read for 3 hours by Thursday and to be to school by 8 for recycling. Thank goodness choir is after school and the child just goes from class to choir.

    I am so sorry about the people you work with. I worked in a call center with mostly ALL women. It was frackin' nuts!

  2. it would be nice if it was after school. It used to be when i went there.

    I like most all the people I work with, I just hate having to mediate the 2 im in charge of. I have to yell at my kids enough at home, now i have to deal with it at work too.