Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh here is something funny as hell. I just talked to the hubby, since taking the boy out on a bike ride last Sunday he informs me his ass still hurts from his bike seat. Well if the seat wasn't the actual size of your ass crack maybe it wouldn't be a problem. (it's one of those seats that are just there for decoration, so you dont stab your balls going over a bump, not one anyone in their right mind would try and sit on) I swear 6 years ago he decides he wants this bike. It's the size a 13 and up kid would ride. I say isn't that a little small for you? He says no, it's for racing. I'm like yeah, your gonna race? (he did this as a kid and teenager) (he must be trying to relive his youth) (the only thing he's going to end up with is a broken something) He says they have an "old guy team" Oh sweet lord to see the old fat guys riding clown bikes around a track doesn't even begin to describe the hilarity of the situation. Well here we are 6 years later and $800.00 for the bike, and it's basically been siting in the shed collecting dust. So I say maybe you need a biger seat for the bigger ass. Like one of those boing boing seats that you would find on a beach cruiser. NO, now it's I need a bigger bike. HAHA, he needs an old guy bike. I say why dont you see if Dan (the bike shop owner and one of his previous racing buddies from the past that is like 300 pounds and races on the old guy team) will buy the bike back and get a bigger one with a bigger seat? Oh NO, that wont do because in his mind he still "might" want to race someday. OY, give it up, the only thing you need to be doing is taking a weekend cruise to the park with your kid!

So my step son sent me a friend request on facebook last night......what to do, what to do?  Do I really want him knowing all my business?  Do I accept and be nosey on whats going on with him?  I decided this morning that OK, I will accept.  Even though I could read all of his postings anyways, because he doesn't have the privacy settings set up right.  So, I check out his page.  I see a post from his "new" girlfriend, saying something about how she loves him and is so excited about August 16, 2011.  Curious!  Well it could be one of two things I figure.  They are either planning on getting married, or he knocked her up.  Either way, NOT GOOD.  At least he is 18 (going on 12.)  I just hope that it is marriage, that way in about 6 months when they break up, it will be no big deal.  Not like having a kid, when your in and out of jail, no job, and basically a loser. Then your stuck with your mistake for the rest of your life.   But for some reason I still have a little hope that he will get his head out of his ass and do the right thing.  He is a smart kid and I actually like him.  Unlike the OTHER one!

The kids are driving me nuts this week.  I still haven't sent out invitations to their party Saturday (I know I suck) So I ended up texting everyone (I know tacky, but it was getting late) So I told them they could invite 1 friend from school.  My daughter had trouble deciding which one, but finally got one written out.  And my son wanted one of our friends sons to come so I shot her and email this morning.  I love technology!  I think the girl is PMSing, she just cant shut her mouth.  Nit picking everything the boy does.  UGH, CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!  I was all to happy to get them dropped off this morning at school.

Bipolar minion has been on my last nerve already this week.  She got pissed cause I made her do all of what, 2 errands yesterday morning, while I took the other one to Costco with me, so we could get all the sodas and crap for the NV day party my company is throwing at the end of the month.  Then informs me she is taking the 28th off.  Really I say, I didn't see a vacation request form on my desk.  She says I gave it to "my boss"  which it's suppose to go to me first, when I sign off on it then I give it to my boss to sign off on.


  1. Do people still send invites to anything other than weddings? I recently got a txt from someone for a baby shower (!?!) and just sorta sat there and started at it for a moment wondering if the USPS was gonna go bankrupt in my lifetime... and then I pulled out a pen and paper and wrote an actual letter to a friend which I mailed this morning.
    There's a very good chance, upon receiving it, they might have a coronary from the shock. Do you remember the last time you got an actual letter in the mail?

  2. Actually no, I don't. When my ex was in the army (before email) I used to write him letters constantly. I do kind of miss that, but do like the convenience and quickness of email and texting. Remember when we actually used our cell phones to make phone calls and now its all text messaging!