Thursday, October 14, 2010


I think I have just been time warped back into high school.  And I have been attacked by one of those girls accusing me of trying to steal their boyfriends.  Yes it's of all people.  This morning I decided to find out how my friend was doing on facebook.  I wrote on his wall "hey, it's been a while, how goes it?"  The response I get was not one I was expecting.  His girlfriend writes back "he's at home with his family, stop beating a dead horse"  Of fuck NO,  you didn't.  So it was on from there.  I did call him to tell him what a pshyco I thought his girlfriend was and he was laughing.  Dude, I finally ended with I am not going to be drawn into high school drama so FUCK OFF!  She must have got the message cause I haven't heard back.  I am in no way shape or form after any ones man.  We dated in like Jr. High a million years ago.  He found me on facebook 5 years ago and we have just been friends.  When he came to town a few years ago we got together with another friend of ours and went to lunch.  He came to town for a wedding last month and we got together for lunch again.  GEEZ, some chicks are insane.  My hubby knew about it.  Not a big deal.

So my ass REALLY hurts.  My son wanted to go on a bike ride last night with his dad.  Hubby asks do you want me to get your bike out of the shed and you can go with us.  Sure I said sounds like fun.  I haven't rode my bike in 8 years, but you know what they say it's like riding a bike you never forget....haha!  It was really a nice ride though.  Now I need to get a cushier seat if we are going to be doing this in the future.  We went through the park by our house like 7 time and my son did great on his new bike.  Now it's off to get my daughter one for her birthday tonight.  She will be so surprised tomorrow.

You know I love October, but I am a little dissapointed this year.  October is all about the Halloween fun.  I look forward to all the ghost shows and scary stories that they air on TV this month.  There has been absolutely NOTHING.  Aside from Ghost Hunters which airs every week, I got NOTHING.  BOO.  Hopefully it will pick up during next week.    :(


  1. I can understand when another woman questions who I am (if they don't know me, but once they do I'm like "seriously?"), & I can understand the insecurity that surfaces (despite how secure one may normally feel in a relationship)... however... I can NOT comprehend women so freakin' insecure that they don't like/trust me or my friendship with a man they are with when I go out of my way to make them feel secure, or even tell them flat out "anatomically speaking he's a Ken doll to me." The ones that do "get it"... yeah, they usually become better friends of mine than their husbands/boyfriends ever were.
    Not sure if it's irony or what... but I tend to have more male friends than female friends because of this... which then leads to frustration over the females in their lives lettin' their insecurity monster out to play...and the game begins again. Lame.
    In short: I feel your pain.
    As for bike rides & scary movies: I'd hurt myself, & have yet to see a movie since the original "When A Stranger Calls" that scared me. If you know of one, PLEASE tell me!

  2. I get that, I also have more male friends. Women typically are threatened by me, they eventually get to know me and find out
    I am actually a nice person. What makes me mad about the whole situation was she was insinuating that we were sneaking around. My husband knows we went to lunch and has been sitting next to me when he has called I have nothing to hide because I am not doing anything wrong! Its her problem so whatever.

    As for scary movies....ugh I hate them. I just like shows about haunted houses and stuff like that. I'm kind of a puss when it comes to scary movies.

  3. OMG!!! What a Bitch!Let's tag team her Jen!!! Cause I always wonder what the hell is up with him too!Wow...she must be very insecure to think a married woman who lives so far away is gonna chase her man! FB Loser! Did she write on your wall? private message? or was she in his account? Either way, I got your back girl!! :D

  4. hahahaha, thanks women. No I just wrote on his wall how's it going and she attacked me from there. And now her son, who's like 10 or so got involved. Your friends with him get on f/b and read it. I blocked her and I am done with it. I am commenting no further on the subject. It's all out in the open if you want to read it. And then to get your son involved......SAD. Also I will not lower myself to argue with someones kid over their mothers insecurities.

  5. Us chicks can be very insecure, but more than others, and that is obvious with this chick. Deeper issues lurk within that whole situation on their side. Some people's kids!