Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have met some crazy people in my life, but this one took the cake.  Remember I was telling you all about the psycho bitch that cant handle the fact that I am friends with her boyfriend.  Well it all came to a serious head on Friday night.  I don't know how many times I had to block her and all her other accounts.  And I continually asked her to stop contacting me.  At one point I even said fine, I hope you two a very happy, now leave me alone.  Then I noticed I was getting messages with my picture and my name (spelled wrong of course)  That bitch had made up a fake profile with my personal (address, phone numbers) info on it.  Started sending friend requests to everyone.  Put me on dating sites and linked me to porn shit.   Dude, this got way out of hand really fast.  I wouldn't care so much if I didn't have kids in the house.  I can handle myself.  And the hubby is big and scary anyways.  So after repeatedly reporting the page, everyone and flagging everything, do you think facebook did anything about it?  NO, of course not.  How many times do you need to hit that fucking button before the page is taken down.  This is my personal shit here people.  Get you shit together.  So anyways, thanks to my dear friends that took screen shots and copies of everything for me. I had my ammo.  I sent him an email saying if she didn't take it down I was filing a police report.  I get a response of DO IT, shes crazy.  He was nice enough to give me her address and number.  I mean come on she lives like 2000 miles away.  It's not like we live in the same town.  So I went and filed a report.  Then a restraining order just to make a point.  Not that I felt I needed one but you know better safe then sorry.  So the cop who was super nice called her, and of course she didn't answer.  He left her a nice little message to contact him.  OK, so to take matters further I posted that a police report was filed on my friends wall (cause I know shes reading it)  All of a sudden, right after that, my pictures disappeared off the fake site.  Then she posts who ever is doing this the police are now involved, please stop.  Yeah right we all know it's you I have proof. and now the cops have it.  So anyways this morning I check it again.  Still there.  Damn it.  So I post again on my friends wall.  A restraining order has been served to facebook and she should be receiving hers any day now.  My friend calls like and hour later and says I think it's gone.  Poof, just like that, the word restraining order did it.  Lesson learned on my end, and I hope on her end that cyber bullying is not OK.  There are kids out there killing themselves over this shit and it should be stopped.  I am 32 years old and totally embarrassed to have to tell anyone about this.  But for all those girls out there that are having it done to them or doing it to someone.  It's NOT OK.  You may have a set of balls behind a computer, but these are peoples lives that are in danger.  There should be better ways of handling this stuff.  Believe me I looked and there is NO WHERE to report anything too.  I spent all weekend on this.  You cant even find a link on facebooks page to directly report it.  Something needs to be done about this.  OK done with my soap box rant.  Tell me what you think about this, I am curious!


  1. Wow us chicks can be totally crazy!

    I am so sorry you had to go through all of that just for saying hi to someone. :(

    Hopefully she will grow up and leave you alone.

  2. I feel your pain on this one. My best friend's ex went on a drunken rampage, hacked all her accounts (private email as well) and found a profile she had up on a dating site, hacked that as well... then took screen shots of it and posted them all over facebook calling her all sorts of rude shit and claiming she had been cheating on him while they were together. It was so ridiculous we had to laugh, but it was also illegal enough that I sent a txt message to a good friend that is a cop to see if he was on duty, he was, and he drove straight over to Capt. Douchebag's place and told him to take it all down NOW. He did take it down, and has yet to say a word about any of it, which is fine since no one cares to talk to him anyway. BUT I did learn one thing... I now have definitive proof that narcissism & insecurity go hand in freakin' hand, and that idiot is the poster child for both.
    Sucks that you've had to go through all that crap with your friend's wife... but man, makes you wonder why the hell he's with her in the first place doesn't it?!

  3. Im just glad it's over, and hope it doesnt come back.......EVER. Your right goofy girl narcissism & insecurity hand and hand.

    As far as I know, he is trying to leave at the moment, I suggest a restraining order go with that.