Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Day's

Friday, I was so busy I literally went home and fell face down on my couch!  I was so tired and was glad as hell to go home.  The hubby asked what I wanted to do about dinner, and my answer was I'm not cooking or going anywhere to get anything so whatever you come up with that delivers, I'm good with it.  So pizza it was.  I talked him into a buffalo wing pizza from Straw Hat.  I have been wanting to try it for some time now but just wasn't sure how it was going to taste.  Surprisingly, it was pretty great.  It even had celery pieces on it.  That is one I will be getting again.

Saturday, we hit Costco to get something to take to the Halloween party we were invited to that night.  We found some spinach and artichoke filled cheesy philo dough thingy.  Costco was a nightmare mad house Saturday afternoon, but did manage to get out of there under a hundred bucks.  We went to the party, which I think we knew about 4-5 people at it.  The kids carved pumpkins, well no, I take that back, the kids lost interest in carving pumpkins, so the adults carved them.  Then we were home by 8:30.  Party animals I know.  I think I was a sleep on the couch by 9:15 and finally drug my ass to bed about 10. 

Sunday, I pretty much did NOTHING.  It was great.  I slept till 8 when the boy woke me up.  It rained all flipping day yesterday.  And hard too.  It was like a friggin monsoon blew through here with all the wind.  After watching the race with the hubby I managed to take a shower in the late afternoon, and then caught up on some shows I've had DVRed for a while now.  I finally got through everything just in time for this weeks shit to record.  We decided to try out the new popcorn maker last night that the girl got for her Birthday.  It was pretty cool, the kids thought it was great to see the popcorn pop out of the thing.  Just like the one at the movies only smaller.  So now the girl has said we need to start having movie night with popcorn, and I need to make sure it's a movie we can all watch......YES DEAR!

I came to work today to find that Bipolar minion has called in sick.  I guess she couldn't handle how busy it was on Friday and thought she would take an extra day.  I am sick of it.  I finally went to my boss and said this is getting ridiculous.  Does she feel the need to use every single second of her sick time?  There are plenty of people out there who don't have jobs that are willing to show up everyday.  I have had enough.  So will see what happens.  My guess is nothing.  UGH!  Well at least it's only a 4 day week this week.  Thank you NV for becoming a state on Halloween and getting us a Holiday!

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