Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorry it's been a while!

I have been crazy busy at work this week.  You would think everything possible that could be due, is due today.  Plus dealing with all the crazy cyber stalker, has not left a whole lot of time for anything.

Yesterday was the girls actual birthday.  She also had a choir thing for the Lyons club, last night.  They sang 3 songs, thank god it was short because every parent that showed up had to stand in the back of the room to watch.  The kids did pretty well though.  My mother in law decided to drop off her gift this morning.  She got her one of those popcorn makers like the really expensive ones you see form Costco.  What the fuck is she going to do with that?  What the fuck am I going to do with it.  We live in the age of nukable popcorn.  we don't need this crazy gadget.  And I have no where to store it.

We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night.  Should be fun.  Thank god we don't have to dress up.  My hubby was all excited at the fact that we might dress up, because we were at the spirit store on Sunday and he saw all the slut costumes.  It was just an excuse to get me to dress slutty.  Hey whatever floats your boat dude.  But it's nice of him to still think of me as sexy.

Well this is going to be short, got to get back to the day from hell.  Happy reading auntie, I posted a quickie just for you!

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