Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got a call from my daughters teacher yesterday afternoon.  Nope not good at all.  He says she has been messing around while they are suppose to be reading in class (Not my daughter!) Surprise surprise.  He should come to the house when it's homework time.  And she failed the test they had on the book that they were reading.  Then proceeds to tell me that the rocket math they are doing (one minute timed tests with 50 problems they are suppose to be able to complete)  I cant even do it in one minute (believe me I tried it last night).  This is wearing on me and her both.  I really hated school when I was going and now I hate it even more now that my kids are going.  What the hell is going on with the education system?  When a parent has to google the answers for the kids homework because nobody can figure it out, I find something to be really wrong with that situation.  Maybe I am just stupid, along with my hubby, who I thought was pretty smart.  Either way she's in fourth grade and learning shit that I was learning in Jr. High.  I am sick of yelling (that doesn't help) I am sick of fighting, crying fits, and hours upon hours of dreaded homework.  Because of lack of funding (another shocker) the don't have the after school tutoring program this year.  (thanks you fucking Republicans)  And no I am not turning this into a political debate, but the Governor in office for our state at the moment has totally fucked everything over.  I am at a loss here.  Maybe she just isn't good at math, is that such a bad thing.  At least she can finish half the test.  And if she gets one more than the last test, I call that progress.  Maybe she's bored.  She has a very high reading comprehension level for her age. (she didn't get that from me) And was reading at a very early age.  She aces all the state mandated tests, so we all know that's her strong point, but Jesus, they are relentless on this math crap.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  We have done flash cards, some music CD thing her teacher made her, at home testing, nothing is working.  I'm just short of telling the teacher to move on, she's never going to pass the test in one minute, get over it!  Trust me this has been an ongoing 3 year battle with this rocket math bullshit.

OK I am done complaining for the moment.  So I was at the gym last night, on the evil elliptical machine, when I notice this lady in front of me on the treadmill.  I am guessing she was probably in her late 30's early 40's.  I don't typically notice people at the gym, just there to do my thing and get the hell out, but what made me notice her was her outfit.  She was just wearing a workout outfit, spandex Capri's, and like a matching halter top thing.  So anyways my point being is I couldn't help staring at her ass.  She had the nicest ass I have ever seen.  No I am not a lesbian but can appreciate a nice ass when I see one.  Typically it's on a guy.  For the 20 minutes I was on that thing I kept trying to watch the TV over her head but found my eyes wondering to her ass over and over again.  Then I thought, I want her ass, so I stepped up my workout adding a little resistance to make it a little harder.  Well I guess one good thing came out of that, made me workout a little harder then usual.  But with my crappy genetics, I am doomed to have a big ass forever.

Well thats it for now, HAPPY HUMP DAY!


  1. Hmmmm ... that's interesting. I have a friend who also has a child in the fourth grade ... who is also struggling with math. It does make one wonder.

  2. <----- Has a 4th grader who struggles in Math as well. Had parent/teacher conferences, and when I brought up the homework assignment that was to be done, she had no idea how to do it either!!!

  3. damn, this isnt making me feel any better ladies! Oh well, I guess I can only do what I can do!