Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my little mans birthday, he is officially 7 years old.  What a big boy!  I am wondering, since he's 7 now, if he will decide that it would be OK to wipe his own butt, get his own juice, and change his own channel.  HA, not gonna happen.  His dad tells me last night after the umpteenth time he called me to change the channel, that he's jealous (while snickering the whole time) that he loves me more then him, because he ALWAYS calls me to do his bidding.  I said I would gladly trade places with him.  I could use a little less love at the moment.  JERK.

So in true kid fashion, I was running my ASS off this morning once again.  Last night when I picked him up, he tells me that they are having a party in class today.  I said oh how fun and it will be your birthday too.  What a treat.  I ask, do I need to bring anything?  He says NO.  I say are your sure?  He says YES.  So then this morning while we are getting ready (this must have slipped his mind obviously) he says, my teacher told everyone not to bring snacks today because it's my birthday and I'm bringing snacks for the whole class.  WHOA, what?  I love how the teacher assumes I am one of THOSE parents.  But, now I'm stuck, so with 20 minutes before he needs to be at school, I race to the store to get some cookies.  I was going to make him some birthday pancakes this morning, but due to the change of events, he got a birthday doughnut from the store instead.  And once again I was left slamming down a half toasted piece of bread on the way to school.

I asked him last night what he wanted for his birthday dinner tonight, and he says after mulling it over for a few, that he wants McDonald's (shocking) or pizza "cause it's cheap"  I said it's OK honey we can have whatever you want, don't worry about the price.  It was pretty cute.

Well happy Friday everyone, have a good weekend!