Friday, October 1, 2010

Not much to tell.

Well there is not much to report today, except the fact that I wish this day was over already and it was tomorrow.  I have most of the laundry done and just need to get us and the boy packed up for the weekend.  So in order to fill some space I'll tell you some fun facts about me that you didn't know, well most of you didn't know.

Fact 1:
I got married when I was 18 to my first husband (NO, I was NOT pregnant.)  He was in the Army, and just got out of basic training and was to be stationed at Ft Knox.  Of all the places.  This is the reason I lived on the east coast for about a year and a half.  Oh what an experience that was.  Talk about having to grow up super fast.  It was a good life lesson I think.  And probably the reason why I am so addicted to the show army wives, cause I used to be one!

Fact 2:
Since we are on the subject of husbands, I met my current one at work.  (No, we did not work together, well, kind of)  He was our messenger and stopped in twice a day.  Used to flirt with me soooo much.  But I thought he was to old for me.  Eventually he wore me down.  And it helped that I was going through my divorce at the time (CHEATING FUCKER) and wanted revenge.  They worked together (the ex and current hubby) and I thought it would be a nice fuck you to my ex to date one of his co workers.  So I asked him out. and here we are.  It took me 5 years, one kid, a house and a dog to finally give up and agree to marry him.  He asked me years before.  I was kind of put off by marriage (seeing as how the other one didn't end well), but decided I had waited long enough and gave in.  And now we are happy as a clam 9 years later, well most of the time anyways.

Fact 3:
I have a sick addiction to reality TV, (you probably figured that one out already) And just about anything that's on I will watch! (couch potato)

Fact 4:
I really don't like kids.  I love my own, but pretty much cant stand other peoples children.  This is the reason I don't ask any of my friends (unless it's an emergency) to watch my kids.  I don't wanna watch yours in return.  I'm am so not one of those play date mommy's, and could care less if their friends never ever come over.  I know this is a pipe dream on my part, and I will have to deal with it soon enough, but I am not going out of my way to make it happen.  I am probably the type of person who shouldn't have kids because I am kind of selfish (OK a lot selfish).  After my daughter, I wasn't planning on having anymore.  I was OK with her being an only child.  But then fate intervened, and I popped out my son.  I love them more then anything, and glad I have them, but don't think being a mom is the best most fulfilling thing in the world.  But then again, what would I do without them?  OH Yeah, have more money, not have to yell so much, not have to relive elementary, Jr. high, and high school homework, have a flat stomach without stretchmarks (my son did a number on me)  Oh, what could have been.

Fact 5:
People think I am a huge bitch when they first meet me.  I think it's probably because I don't engage to much at a first meeting because I am forming my own opinion on whomever.  It takes me a while to warm up.  I am not shy, just calculating in my brain on whether or not I,  A: want to be nice to you, B: could handle hanging around with you for any amount of time, or C: if you can handle my personality.  Some people just cant take the truth, and I am not one to lie.  I am blunt and judgmental, but you will always know where you stand with me.  And I am one hell of a loyal friend. When we get past all the awkwardness of getting to know each other, and I decide if your worthy enough......LOL!

So there are some fun facts about me.  Now you know me a little better then you did.  And I hope it answers some of the questions about why I am the way I am!  You either love me or hate me.

Oh and on Tuesday I will have a full report of my FABULOUS weekend get away, and answers to the great "who's going to wipe the step kids ass" (literally) debate, while he's laid up for 3 weeks.  Have fun with that hubby, because I think Step mom, helping 16 year old with bathroom duties crosses a line that should never be crossed!  I will get you food, pills, change the channel, but that's as far as I go.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Can't wait for Tuesday! Um the kids part, I am the same way!!! Have a great vacation!

  2. Hahaha, StepBastard broke is arms and can't wipe his own ass!! CLASSIC!!!:D I'm finding more and more women our generation either didn't want kids right away,or at all...I like watching other people's kids, but don't really want any of my own. (I'm selfish too with my time.);)
    Have a great anniversary weekend!

  3. Im glad im not alone in the kids dept! Thanks